Steps to Take to Prepare Your Sprayer for Storage for the winter


Winter is coming! Harvest is winding down and the winter months are right around the corner with that said comes preparing your sprayer for next spring.  Big Ag has your steps to take to get your sprayer ready for protecting it from the effects of snow, rain, sun and wind.

Clean Your Sprayer

Make sure you clean and rinse the outside of the sprayer to prevent cross-contamination problems.  Make sure there is no leftover mixture in the tank.  Clean the whole system which includes the tanks, hoses, filters, and nozzles.  Leaving chemical residue in nozzles could lead to changes in their flow rates, as well as in their spray patterns.  This could result in uneven application of chemicals.


It’s important to flush the system with clean water. Also drain the tank and open all valves.  Use compressed air to blow out any leftover liquid from solution lines.  Removing any remaining moisture from the sprayer parts will help with preventing freezing from happening.  Circulate antifreeze (preferably recreational vehicle antifreeze) through the entire wet system to keep it from freezing in the winter.


Make sure to store the sprayer in a dry building.  Cover any openings to the sprayer to keep insects and dirt from getting in.  Find another way for cover if storing in a building isn’t possible.  If you’re storing a trailer-type sprayer, put blocks under the frame or axle and reduce tire pressure during storage.

One Final Check

If there are any scratches on the sprayer repair them with paint to prevent corrosion.  Also check tanks and hoses to make sure there are no cracks and repair or replace the ones that do.

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