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6 Tips on How to Purchase Equipment out of State

Confidently Purchase New or Used

Warm weather on the horizon is setting the stage for the season, especially in regards to your equipment. This recognizes the process for some farmers that will have to purchase new or used equipment.  With today’s technology, farmers are finding it more accessible to purchase equipment long distance instead of locally. has a tool, which shows related equipment prices within or outside your area, the Price Comparison Tool. This opens the door for more of a selection to choose from across the country.  Here are our tips on how to purchase out of state:

1. Get all of the details.

When shopping for equipment online look at the photos from all angles. Are the photos showing the equipment from all sides? If not, ask for video or additional photos. Also request build codes, warranty information and inspections. This can knock out any risk of purchasing used equipment long distance. Keep a copy of serial numbers and total hours on the equipment that you purchase and any other details in case you receive the wrong piece of equipment.

2. See the equipment firsthand.

Before you shell out the dough, travel out there and look at the equipment. Would you rather spend over $50,000 on a piece of equipment to find out it was a lemon in the end or spend $400 on a plane ticket to discover it’s not what you were guaranteed? Kick the tires and test drive it!

3. Know the seller.

What’s the reputation of the seller? Ask if they can provide you with references. Trust is important when purchasing equipment. That’s why finding out more about the seller can eliminate any concerns.

4. Expect the unexpected. 

Even with a thorough inspection, you should always plan for repairs in the future. If it’s a problem that doesn’t need to be fixed right away, previous owners may have neglected to have certain repairs done on the equipment they once owned.

5. How are you hauling it?  

Don’t forget to factor in the added cost of how you will get the equipment back to your operation. Some dealers factor in freight in the final total. Are there additional costs for disassembly or reassembly? Be up to date on the state’s rules of the road when shipping equipment long distance. Is it too wide and does it need to be broken down?

6. Is it a bargain? 

Do your research. In advance, you need to know what equipment you’re looking for and its value. For example, if you know its $50,000 and you can buy it for $40,000, it’s a bargain. If you are purchasing from an individual not in the used equipment business it’s best to contact the state to make it’s not mortgaged or stolen.

Are you ready to begin your equipment search today? Start with!

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