12 Signs its Harvest Time- According to Farmers

Harvest season is under way and farmers are out in the fields.  We’re excited to bring you the Top 12 Signs that Harvest 2017 is in full swing!


  1. When the weather starts to cooperate and its go time!


2. When the pets get excited for harvest and want to tag along.


3. Let’s not forget the other animals that show up for harvest too.


4.  Taking a birds eye view to a whole new level!


5.  Don’t forget to take photos before harvest begins?














6.  Long work nights start back up.


7.  When it becomes take your kids to work day!


8.  Back to those awesome hotel accommodations!


9.  Prep, prep, and more prepping the equipment for the fields.



10.   Sometimes you just need to take a break and laugh.




11.  When this is the view outside your window.


12.  Finally you must always share with others when the job is done until next harvest!


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