7 Signs Planting Season is Here

Plant18 is Here According to These Signs

Planting season is one of the most difficult times of the year for your family, friends, neighbors and even the animals. There are many things you can’t control and very little you can control. If it’s not raining, then the ground is too dry; then, if it starts raining, it’s too wet. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like anything goes right during that short amount of time you have to plant your seeds in the ground; however, when things do go right, the support and end result is all worth it. We have listed a few signs we all tend to notice when planting season is among us.

  1. It seems like the rain picks up by 200% when it’s time to plant.
  2. When if finally stops raining, you feel like the last farmer who has started planting
  3. Tensions become very high around the farm. 
  4. Even the cows start to feel tense, and either break out of the fence or just start to seem a lot pickier when it comes to their daily routine. 
  5. When the rain finally stops, farmers become much more creative in their daily routine. 
  6. The community starts to show more support and leaving room for “the big guys” on the county roads. 
  7. Once the rain cooperates and you see that first two inch seed growth, you start to see all the stress was worth it. This will be your best year yet. 

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