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Over the last couple months, we have been making a lot of noise. We’ve kept secrets from you, we’ve made very bold and bright ads in our catalogs and probably drove you a little insane with the number of times we rubbed it in your face. Well, good news, our secret is out! Fastline’s new website is here and for your benefit.

Below, you will find a few key features to look out for when visiting

Targeting Equipment

When you are on a listings result page, click on the save search button to remember the search so you can easily run the search again from your profile page. Notifications of new equipment that match your search can be set up as well.

Watched Items

When looking at an item on the listings page or detail page, click the watch button to have the item saved to your account so that you can easily find it again on your profile page. Notifications can be set up for watched items so you will be notified whenever the price changes. Get the best price for the best equipment by watching items that interest you!

Price Comparison

Compare matching or similar equipment nearby or further away on one page. Feel more comfortable with equipment pricing through our easy-to-use feature on Fastline.

Price Comparison Tool

Place a Classified

Looking to get top dollar for a piece of equipment that you’ve replaced? It’s now easier than ever to place a classified ad with Fastline today! Your ad will run in the Fastline Catalog of your choice and be featured on the website for 30 days, with a potential to add social media exposure. More farmers looking for equipment will see your ad when you place your classified ad with Fastline!

Catalog Subscriptions

Whether you’d like to start receiving our Fastline Catalogs or are just looking to renew, you can now manage your subscription online. After linking your account to your subscription account you will see all of your current subscriptions and expiration dates, and be able to renew or add any catalogs you like! On top of subscribing to the catalogs you want, you can also digitally “flip” through other states, areas and catalogs.

Set Notifications

Quickly and easily set your notification preferences from any page in your profile. Just expand the notification section of the side bar and select which days you’d like to receive notifications, what time of day, and whether you want email and/or text notifications. We want you to stay in the loop on the important searches and listings that interest you.

For additional questions, contact our home office or visit our How-To page on the new website.

2 thoughts on “The All NEW Fastline

  1. May be the worst lay out for a search i have ever seen . Worked with it for a bout 30 mins just plain confusing. Sorry just being honest.

    1. Thank you for your honest feedback Gary! We are always trying to look for new ways to make your experience with our website more efficient. What did you find most difficult about our layout? If it is anything in particular, we can work with our IT department to have it fixed. Look forward to your reply!

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