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Fastline’s Facebook page is the most engaged audience among all competitors. We maintain that standard in the Ag Community by inviting all fans and followers to share their own photos to our page and posts. This time of the year, something we focus on, is the care we know our fans show for their animals during the cold seasons. It takes dedication to care for your family members with four legs, especially when there is a few inches of snow on the ground.

On November 9, 2018 we shared a post from My Beef Checkout proving how animal-care during the cold months is so important. Our fans had a lot to say and many photos to share with us.

Below, are a few photos submitted to our Facebook page. If you have photos you would like to see on our blog, on our page, send them our way so we can continue to support every aspect of the Ag Community.

  1. My Beef Checkout

    • Our original share that received so much attention from our dedicated fans. Cattle Producers care for their animals more than anybody else could. This post started a chain of even more dedicated famers, sharing the passion they show for their work.

      Cattle producers care for their animals more than anybody else could. How many other folks out there are willing to warm calves in their vehicles, home and bathtubs to protect them when they are in need? It’s a regular occurrence for cattle producers.
      Keep sharing the TRUE story of animal care on today’s cattle farms and ranches
  2. Nathan Davis

    • A day-old calf bonding with his new buddy in the heat of this farmer’s truck. 
  3. Gary Anderson

    • Snapchat catches the best moments, especially when someone is enjoying the heat so much. 
  4. Jeremy Gardner
    • We can always make more room in the dining room. 


To submit your photos and join in on the ever-changing social conversations between farmers just like you, follow our Facebook page here.

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