GVM Inc. Announces New Double Duty Air Spreader

GVM Inc. announces a new option for the T380 Prowler, the Double Duty Air. A chassis-mounted air boom spreader proudly developed in partnership with Salford Group, Inc.


The Double Duty Air is the largest capacity air boom spreader on the market. A 13-foot by 78-inch-wide painted stainless steel body with two or three compartments and a 350-cubic-foot capacity. With either 60 or 72 foot stainless steel air booms and the four-season function of the T380 Prowler, proves the Double Duty Air is an all-year-round machine. In other words, this machine is an impressive size.

“The Double Duty Air is a great option for customers who believe in air boom technology and also demand a high level of precision when applying dry fertilizers. By adding this technology to our Prowler chassis, we expect large increases in demand throughout the east coast territory and potentially the Midwest,” commented Shane Anderson, GVM Plant Manager.

There are many options available for the Double Duty Air. These are a Drop Tube Kit, Greentronics RiteHeight, foam marker injection and Recon SpreadSense.


About GVM Inc.

With over 40 years in business, GVM is a well-trusted manufacturer of agricultural application equipment headquartered in Biglerville, Pennsylvania. Their products include the Prowler, Double Duty, Mako, Hydra Spray and Multi-Grip Tire Handler.


About Salford Group, Inc.

Salford Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and also precision nutrient application equipment. Salford dedicates it ongoing innovation efforts to precision, durability, versatility in the field and improving the economics of farming for producers worldwide.


For more information about the new Double Duty Air or to find your closest dealer, please
visit www.gvminc.com. If you’re looking for Air Spreaders in and outside of your area, visit www.Fastline.com today or contact your local dealer.

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