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Fastline Publications, founded in 1978 is dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers of agriculture equipment, parts and services through printed catalogs and the world’s largest, freshest online inventory on Fastline.com.

Fastline continues to deliver results to advertisers and farmers across the United States and Mexico, even around the world. Catalogs are mailed directly to the homes of qualified farmers and ranchers across the US 17 times a year.

Fastline brings agriculture and farm equipment and services to you wherever you are through our mobile apps in the Google Play store and iTunes store. In addition, all of our catalogs are available in digital format through our online editions.

19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i want to get a sunscription of fastline for my father-in-law. How do i do this, i cannot find a link to order a subscription.

  2. i would like to cancel my father’s subscription to fastline. he has passed away and we no longer need it.
    he was a subscriber to the wisconsin farm edition–
    the #’s at the top of the header are:

    #BYNDFYO #015416275#

    francis kasuboski
    7762 forest ridge rd
    berlin, wi 54923

    thank you. mark kasuboski

    1. Mark,

      I will make sure this request gets to the correct people. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help further.

  3. Would like to use one of your posts for our farm bureaus publication that gets distributed to 4,000 subscribers. Please let me know who I can contact, thanks!!

  4. Nice Blog with something new for me as i also grow wheat and vegetables in India.

    Please forward your email.

    Happy Farming

  5. I want to cancel my husbands subscription. We no longer purchase farm equipment. the #BYNDFYQ
    #029823772# FMO

    William Stith
    37764 190th Road
    Nelson MO 65347

  6. I placed an add for a tractor and would like to edit it. How do I do that? Dosen’t seem to be any way to get to my add or contact fastline 🙁

  7. My grandfather was on the cover of fastline in the 80’s or 90’s with his Farmall super M. He has passed and I would love to find a copy of that issue.

  8. you guys should really be more selective on who you let sell on your site>allan hart and sons sold me a bad piece of equipment with none of the safety features hooked up on it. just warning you so your name in the future wont get caught up in this 12,500 dollars is what i payed and i had to have 8,000 in repairs done to it

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