Price Comparison Feature

Searching for equipment is harder than what the general public may believe. Equipment is more than just a tractor, combine, sprayer, or piece of metal that sits in the barn. Your new piece of equipment is what keeps your farm going during the most unpredictable weather climates, where your son or daughter learns how to drive, and the all-around unforgettable memories that are shared with … Continue reading Price Comparison Feature

Fastline Farm Friends with Four Legs

  It’s the season to be thankful for our family, friends and everything we have been given/earned. Whether that special “Thanks” goes to someone who has two legs or four, we appreciate them all the same. Sometimes they can be described as your “best friend”, “second child”, “farm help” or “little buddy”, these four-legged blessings are ones who need more credit of keeping the farm … Continue reading Fastline Farm Friends with Four Legs

Got Snow During Harvest?

We all know the weather will be unpredictable, no matter what station you listen to or what device you use to check your weather app. Bad weather or not, the crops must still be attended to, animals must be taken care of, and our families need food on the table. With zero snow days, Fastline spotlights our dedicated farmers and the unpredictable weather conditions they … Continue reading Got Snow During Harvest?

Dedicated Farmers and the Generations that Follow Them

The farm is the most important thing to your family on multiple different levels. Sometimes being passed down through multiple generations, the farm easily becomes the most important place for life lessons, driver’s education courses, holiday celebrations, and memories that will last a lifetime. In this post, Fastline spotlights a few Family-Farm-Generation pictures. Check out these dedicated farmers and the generations that follow them. Photo … Continue reading Dedicated Farmers and the Generations that Follow Them

12 Signs its Harvest Time- According to Farmers

Harvest season is under way and farmers are out in the fields.  We’re excited to bring you the Top 12 Signs that Harvest 2017 is in full swing!   When the weather starts to cooperate and its go time!   2. When the pets get excited for harvest and want to tag along.   3. Let’s not forget the other animals that show up for harvest too.   … Continue reading 12 Signs its Harvest Time- According to Farmers