Ten Signs You Grew Up On A Farm



You know you grew up on a Farm when:

1. You give directions not by streets, but by fields and land marks.

2. You were driving Tractors before your feet could hit the pedals.

3. Your homepage on your computer is the weather channel and everyone knows to be quiet when the weather comes on the evening news.

4. Forget ladders, you’ve got loaders and tractors to clean those gutters, trim trees and hang decorations.

5. You plan events around planting and harvesting. A wedding during plant – fuhget about it!

6. Automatic transmission, no thanks! You were driving stick by the 3rd grade! Continue reading “Ten Signs You Grew Up On A Farm”

The Perfect Match – Instagram and the National FFA Convention!

The time has finally come for the 2013 National FFA Convention! We are so excited to be sponsors of this great event and to announce our give-away during this convention! Have you ever dreamed of rocking a Fastline hat? Now’s your chance!  Through out the entire convention, take a picture with Instagram, use the hashtag #FastlineandFFA and you could win one of our awesome Fastline … Continue reading The Perfect Match – Instagram and the National FFA Convention!

It’s Pink Tractor Time – Illinois Edition!

For our next post in our Pink Tractor series, we are highlighting the beauties featured in our Illinois farm edition 14. One of the cool things about the tractor submissions that we receive is that they carry a wonderful story behind it about why exactly they chose to paint their tractor in support of breast cancer. Check out our three featured tractors below! Pulling For … Continue reading It’s Pink Tractor Time – Illinois Edition!

Fastline’s Top Ten Tractor Songs

What goes better with a nice ride around in a tractor than some good ole’ tunes about them! In a follow up to our post Top Ten Songs About Farming, we have created our top ten songs about farm equipment, because after all, we do love farm equipment!

Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean – This songs brings back the days of riding around on the tractor and hoping for a good harvest.

Take A Back Road– Rodney Atkins – Though this song is not as much about tractors, we cant help but love ” if its going to be a traffic jam, well it better be a tractor man!”

A Man on a Tractor – Rodney Atkins – We love the way this songs captures how great it is to be a farmer and why so many people farm.

Like a John Deere – Sawyer Brown – “He aint no good at giving up no  matter how it hurts,” is a great wayt o sum up a farmer’s worth ethic.

John Deere Greene – Joe Diffie – Whether your a red, green or blue fan you have to admit, this song is pretty catchy!

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy – Kenny Chesney – This tune is as catchy as they come and we can’t help but love when it comes on the radio!

She Cranks My Tractor – Dustin Lynch – What is there not love about a girl who knows tractors? Combine that with the sound of the tractor starting at the beginning and you’ve got one great song! Continue reading “Fastline’s Top Ten Tractor Songs”