A Tractor Story – Dale S.

Here at Fastline, we love to hear stories from farmers and ranchers alike about their love and passion for their iron, especially when it runs in the family. We recently received this submission from Dale S. and we just had to share it! Dale owns a Caterpillar D3K bulldozer and a Case IH 1086 and sent us some great pictures of him and his family with his tractor. Dale noted after raising all girls, he finally has a great-grandson who shares his passion for tractors. Thanks for sharing Dale!

Dale and his great-grandson, Austin, in his Case IH 1086.
Dale and his great-grandson, Austin, in his Case IH 1086.
Dale and his family on his D3K Bulldozer
Dale and his family on his D3K Bulldozer

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Hoovey – An Antique Tractor Restoration

One thing we love is a good antique tractor restoration! Check out this one from Adam Snook in Millmont, PA.

Tractor_Adam_PAThis 1953 Farmall Super H was discovered behind an old fella’s house in Troxelville, PA during the summer of 2010.  Many community members referred to the man as Hoovey instead of his traditional name Harold.  My dad called me one day while I was at work to tell me of his discovery.  He was driving along, and noticed two old Farmalls sitting in the weeds behind Hoovey’s house.  His first question was “Are you interested in buying two tractors?”  I responded by asking what they were, and without reservation, I answered with a firm “Yes” when he said there was a Farmall Super H and a Super MTA.  I wanted a Super H to restore for some time, so I immediately staked my claim.

Both tractors had been sitting behind Hoovey’s house without being started for many years, so the gas of course was bad.  After about an hour of adjusting points, attaching a make-shift gas tank and swapping old batteries, my dad, Uncle Dave and I fired both tractors in amazement.  Neither tractor showed any sign of needing an engine overhaul.  Several days later, both were on a roll back on their way to a new home in Millmont, PA.  

My tractor (Super H) sat for about one year until I finished my year of teaching, and an additional three months in the Mid-West cutting wheat.  Upon my return, I began disassembling the tractor, ordering parts from Steiner, fixing brakes, rebuilding the front Continue reading “Hoovey – An Antique Tractor Restoration”

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FFA Chapter Spotlight

FFA Chapter Spotlight Fastline knows that many of our readers and their families are involved at some level with the FFA. Fastline has long been a supporter ourselves through scholarships, sponsorship and mentoring. The younger generation of agriculture is important to us. One more way we’ll soon be supporting the FFA is by spotlighting chapters in the Fastline catalog that’s mailed to producers within their home state. … Continue reading FFA Chapter Spotlight

Miller NITRO 5000 and CONDOR GC Series sprayers

Miller St. Nazianz, Inc. is pleased to introduce the brand new Miller NITRO 5000 and CONDOR GC Series sprayers.  After listening to our customers, and building upon the success of the NITRO 4000 Series and CONDOR G Series, both the NITRO 5000 and CONDOR GC boast a brand new operator environment and offer a wide range of new productivity enhancing features. The new Miller SprayView … Continue reading Miller NITRO 5000 and CONDOR GC Series sprayers

Top Tips for Harvest Prep

The dry crop year will mean farmers need factor in extra considerations as they prep machinery to head to the field. Small ears, brittle stalks, downed corn, and other field conditions will prove challenging. Machinery manufacturers are offering tips to get combines and grain carts geared up for this tough harvest. Top Tips for Combines: 1. John Deere combine specialists suggest to thoroughly inspect the machine … Continue reading Top Tips for Harvest Prep