Get Your Combine Ready for Harvest with These 8 Tips

Harvest season is up next on your calendar and there are 8 things that must be done before you put that combine out into the field.  Here are some tips to help get your combine harvest ready. Read up on the combine’s operator manual. The manual should provide information on maintenance procedures for when you take the combine out of storage. Know the combine and … Continue reading Get Your Combine Ready for Harvest with These 8 Tips

7 Irrigation Tips and Tricks for your Crops

Now that your crops have been planted, the next step is to keep them hydrated. Here are some irrigation tips to help make that yield grow. 1. Management consultant, Peter Drucker famously said “what gets measured gets managed.” This is why it’s important to monitor and measure the amount of water that gets to the roots with a water flow meter. Water flow meters can … Continue reading 7 Irrigation Tips and Tricks for your Crops

planter prep

Get Your Planter Ready for the Season

Planting season is getting started for farmers across the U.S. and it’s time to bring the planters out of storage and get them ready for the fields.  Remember you only plant a crop once.  There are no do-overs in planting.  Here are some maintenance tips to get your planter ready this season. Avoid electrical issues with your planter by making sure all of the software is … Continue reading Get Your Planter Ready for the Season

And They’re Off!!

It’s that time of year again – that’s right – its the Fastline Fun-Raiser 5K time! Every year, Fastline hosts a run/walk 5K as a part of the Oldham County Grand Slam, which raises money for local charities. Despite the muggy and rainy weather (as is expected in Kentucky summers), 129 people finished the race! It was quite the success and we love helping to give back to our local community. Find out more about this series of races here and scroll below for some snap shots of the action from the race!






Continue reading “And They’re Off!!”

Five Reasons Putting Your Tractor on the Cover of Fastline is the Best Ever!

Front-Cover_blogYou worked hard to make that Tractor look pretty – why not get the attention it (and you) deserve! Read below for our top 5 reasons why you should submit your Tractor!

You’ve got a story to tell and work to show – Behind every Tractor, there’s a story and a lot of hard work. Why not tell it to people who you know will love it and appreciate it – the readers of Fastline!

A new kind of celebrity – Just wait until your friends and neighbors get a look at your Tractor (and face if you choose to be on it) on the cover of Fastline. You’ll be the talk of the town. They just might even name a day after you!

Bragging rights – Not everyone gets selected for this prestigious honor, but many take their chances. How would you feel being the one with their Tractor getting its time to shine? Better yet, how will you feel when you’re walking around town and you see people with their Fastline and your Tractor is on it? We’ll tell you now Continue reading “Five Reasons Putting Your Tractor on the Cover of Fastline is the Best Ever!”