Show Us How You #FastlineIt

Introdcuding (1)Are you ready to show us how you #FastlineIt? It’s time to kick off our Show us how you #FastlineIt contest with the grand prize of a Yeti cooler! That’s right send us your best pictures of you and your Fastline or the equipment you find in it and you could have your very own Yeti! Read below for how to enter and the themes of each week of the contest!

How to Enter:

Entering is easy as can be – just follow the weekly prompts of the pictures we want to see and upload them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag Fastline (Facebook – @Fastine, Twitter – @Fastline, Instagram – @FastlineFarm) and use #FastlineIt to qualify. Prizes will be drawn weekly. All entries from each week will be entered to win the grand prize of a Yeti Cooler!

Week One – Fastline in the Fields

The first week of this contest we want you to send in your best shots of you out in the fields with your Fastine! Whether it’s on your phone, iPad or the catalog – show us your best shot. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag Fastline and use #FastlineIt to qualify.

Week Two – Fastline Your Way

Show us your favorite way to Fastline! If there’s nothing like the paper, show us your shot with your Fastline. If you like checking out then show us that.  Continue reading “Show Us How You #FastlineIt”

#FiveWordstoRuinADateWithAFarmer – Farmers Share How to Ruin A Date


It’s been a while since a really good hashtag went around the Ag community. If you didn’t think Farmers were some of the wittiest before, take a read below and you’ll find we’ve got a good sense of humor!

Continue reading “#FiveWordstoRuinADateWithAFarmer – Farmers Share How to Ruin A Date”

Ten Signs It’s Harvest Time


Harvest time is here and for many, it’s their favorite time of the year! Check out these ten signs it’s harvest time from your fellow Farmers!

1. The Lights in the field- when the weather is right, it’s go time – even if that means running through the night.  

2. The dinner table moves from the dining room to the field, after all a meal together is priceless.  

3. Optimism is at its highest 

4. You see a lot more of the good type of traffic: 

5. The landscape takes on a new look. For months you watched it grow and fill the fields, now its back to the flat land until next year.  Continue reading “Ten Signs It’s Harvest Time”

Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story

We love getting stories from our fans about the hard work and dedication that they put into their Tractors. Check out the tractors that Taylor has restored to their former glory and sent us. Though they all have a good stroy, the first one definitely has a cool one!

trans1 trans2 trans3 trans4

From Taylor: “…It’s a 1936 john deere A it was my grandpa’s very first tractor they had a big fire back in the day and he lost all of his old tractors but this one. It was back in a shed at my uncles I wasn’t sure what shed tho until I had a dream one night and grandpa was there he has been dead since 2001 anyway we were fixing the tractor because something was wrong with it so the next day I went out there to that shed and there was the tractor in the same spot as the dream I tried turning it over and it was stuck so I turned it backwards really hard and got it lose I cranked it over and it didn’t have any compression all of the sudden I heard a big bang and the valve came Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story”