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New vs. Used Tractors

Which is Best for Your Farm? Buying new equipment can be quite different from purchasing used equipment; however, there are many similarities as well. We discuss them both below. Why buy New Equipment? There are many reasons that when you are in the market for equipment, you should look to buying newer. Some of the reasons include: If you plan to keep the equipment for … Continue reading New vs. Used Tractors

Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story

We love getting stories from our fans about the hard work and dedication that they put into their Tractors. Check out the tractors that Taylor has restored to their former glory and sent us. Though they all have a good stroy, the first one definitely has a cool one!

trans1 trans2 trans3 trans4

From Taylor: “…It’s a 1936 john deere A it was my grandpa’s very first tractor they had a big fire back in the day and he lost all of his old tractors but this one. It was back in a shed at my uncles I wasn’t sure what shed tho until I had a dream one night and grandpa was there he has been dead since 2001 anyway we were fixing the tractor because something was wrong with it so the next day I went out there to that shed and there was the tractor in the same spot as the dream I tried turning it over and it was stuck so I turned it backwards really hard and got it lose I cranked it over and it didn’t have any compression all of the sudden I heard a big bang and the valve came Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday – Taylor’s Story”

Restore a Tractor, Preserve a Memory

This is the story of a restored Farmall 560 and the story that makes it all worthwhile. Chad Colby grew up using 560s on their farm. In fact, there isn’t a time that he can think of that he used anything besides a 560. Which brings us to the 560 we’ll be telling you about today. Purchased in 1984, this Tractor was not in the … Continue reading Restore a Tractor, Preserve a Memory

15 Throwback Photos That Will Renew Your Love of Tractors

As Tractors change with the times, there is one thing that will always remain constant- our love for the antique and classic Tractors. Has your love dwindled in the past few years as you get caught up with the biggest and newest ones? Let us help you renew your love of the classic Tractors with our top 15 throwback photos we’ve been sent!


15. This 1951 Ford 8N was sent to us by Chris S. CHrisS_1951Ford8n


14. This before and after pic from Chance R. of his 1961 John Deere 4010.Chance_JD

13. This Farmall 560 that was featured on our Illinois ed. 7 cover from Chad C. Colby_Farmall560

12.  It makes its name proud, check out this 1967 case 1030 comfort king!Drew_Case

11. We love looking at this John Deere 530 Wide Front sent to us by Ross B.



10. This boss of a Minneapolis Moline A4T-1600 sent in by Shaun G.



9.  This mighty fine 1943 Farmall H sent to us by Thomas F.


8. It can’t get much prettier than this 1954 AC WD45 sent to us by Jeffery L.

1954AC_Jeffrey 7.  Or this 1948 WC Allis Chalmers sent to us by Rich H.AC_

6. This before and after of a 1976 versatile 700 series II sent to us by Leland H.Vesatile Continue reading “15 Throwback Photos That Will Renew Your Love of Tractors”

Five Reasons Putting Your Tractor on the Cover of Fastline is the Best Ever!

Front-Cover_blogYou worked hard to make that Tractor look pretty – why not get the attention it (and you) deserve! Read below for our top 5 reasons why you should submit your Tractor!

You’ve got a story to tell and work to show – Behind every Tractor, there’s a story and a lot of hard work. Why not tell it to people who you know will love it and appreciate it – the readers of Fastline!

A new kind of celebrity – Just wait until your friends and neighbors get a look at your Tractor (and face if you choose to be on it) on the cover of Fastline. You’ll be the talk of the town. They just might even name a day after you!

Bragging rights – Not everyone gets selected for this prestigious honor, but many take their chances. How would you feel being the one with their Tractor getting its time to shine? Better yet, how will you feel when you’re walking around town and you see people with their Fastline and your Tractor is on it? We’ll tell you now Continue reading “Five Reasons Putting Your Tractor on the Cover of Fastline is the Best Ever!”