Top Ten Tweets You Missed Today

A lot has been happening around the twittersphere, find out what you might have missed with our Top Ten Tweets of the Day!


1. This great way to celebrate Tractor Tuesday:

2. How Farmers might be handling that USDA report:

3. Mother Nature sure is a force to be reckoned with:

4. Farmers showing hope for the downed crop:

5. A social media favorite Gilmer Dairy receiving a visit:

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Top Five Most Creative Uses for Farm Equipment

coverphoto_BlogWe all know Farm Equipment is good for more than getting the job done on the Farm – which is why we found the Top Five Most Creative Uses for Farm Equipment! Read below and see what they are!

1. A way to decorate for Christmas:

You’ve got the equipment, why not use it to show your holiday spirit!

2. As a picture backdrop:

There’s a lot of pride in showcasing your Tractor, especially when it’s featured in some of your most important pictures.


Source: Issac Smith 

3. A way to rescue people:

Farmers in High River, AB used their creativity and selflessness to rescue people trapped by flooding at a local mall.


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Restore a Tractor, Preserve a Memory

This is the story of a restored Farmall 560 and the story that makes it all worthwhile. Chad Colby grew up using 560s on their farm. In fact, there isn’t a time that he can think of that he used anything besides a 560. Which brings us to the 560 we’ll be telling you about today. Purchased in 1984, this Tractor was not in the … Continue reading Restore a Tractor, Preserve a Memory

Tractor Tuesday: Do Tractors Have Healing Capabilities?

We recently found this touching video of two men, who met under unfortunate yet similar circumstances, and manage to bond and even improve their health, thanks to an uncommon cure – Tractors! Check out the video below about the two Larrys and their battle with cancer and unlikely friendship strengthened by the rebuild of a Farmall tractor. We love the thought of farm equipment, especially … Continue reading Tractor Tuesday: Do Tractors Have Healing Capabilities?

Tractor Tuesday – Tractor Restores

We’re not sure about you, but we needed something exciting to get this day going! That is when we remembered that it was Tuesday and what goes better with a Tuesday than Tractors! We thought we would share this great feeling with you by posting some of our recent tractor photos – and stories, in some cases – that have been shared with us!    … Continue reading Tractor Tuesday – Tractor Restores