Fastline’s List of Top Apps For Your Farm Equipment



Looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology? For many, that means using Precision Planting and the latest smart technologies such as apps for their smart phone devices. Let us help you get on that cutting edge with our Top Apps for Farm Equipment. We went through the process of researching and finding the apps we think will be most useful to you. Read below to see the top ones!

1. Yield Check : This was developed by Precision Plant and is useful for growers who want to calculate and store corn yield estimates. Estimates are mapped based on satellite imagery and are calculated by entering kernel counts for three ears of corn. Available for iPhone and iPad.

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2. John Deere GoPlant: This nifty app gives you the ability to optimize your machine as you enter planting season. GoPlant suggests initial settings for the both the machine and the display and features a notes section and photo functionality to give operators a premium experience when setting their machine. Available for iPhone and iPad. 

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3. KSU App: Have you ever been looking at a piece of machinery and wondered if it was the right one for your field? this app will help you with those concerns! You can quickly estimate tractor horsepower to pull various implements. You can select ground and soil conditions, tractor type, pulling speed, working depth and size of the implement. Then hit calculate and the application will provide an estimate for the required drawbar and PTO horsepower. This is currently only available for android devices only.

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