17 Pictures That Prove Farmers Are Proud of What They do

We asked and you all shared!  We wanted our Facebook friends to show us they’re proud to be a farmer and boy did they show us. Responses varied from farming with family to working the same ground as generations before. With the pictures below, we hope you see why our Farmers and Farm wives are proud of what they do!

Our son’s senior pic taken this past July….his shirt says it all….behind him is a field of our wheat & in the treeline is our farm…-Nikki R.

I’m glad we are both proud to be farmers it’s like brotherly love- John C.

This is my grandpa and my uncle, my uncle lost his life to a drunk driver in 2005. They ran Webster Ridge Dairy, with 1800 head and were working on expanding. Myself and my cousins would have been the 5th generation. – Madison W.

I’m still keeping the roots going though! I’ve loved working fields since I was 6-Madison W.

We are proud of these twin brothers Timmy S. and Tommy S. …from SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA…FULL TIME CATTLE FARMERS.. – Beverly Q.

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17 Pictures That Prove Working in Agriculture is the Best Ever

There are many reasons working in Agriculture is better than other industries, but now we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Below, Farmers share why they work in Ag and their shots show just how awesome it is to be working in the Combine, Tractor or with the cattle and livestock, day in and day out!

  1. Mike S. – Being out here! Most challenging and rewarding job!
    Mike Stark's photo.
  2. Franklin L. – 
    Franklin Laidler's photo.
  3. Bethany H
    Bethany Hartwig's photo.
  4.  Scott M. – nuff said!
    Scott Maienbrook's photo.

  5. Jeffre C. – The dirt the dust and cutting hay and riding the tractor and trying to fill the shoes of past generations
    Jeffre Coggin's photo.

  6. Dan N. – 
    Dan Nyquist's photo.
  7. Jonathon H. – Planting crops
    Jonathan Hoerler's photo.

  8. Frank L. –
    Franklin Laidler's photo.

  9. Ken B. – Milking cows
    Ken Bekius's photo.
  10. Jake V. –
    Jake Vogel's photo.

  11. Shoan C. – The smell of fresh plowed dirt smell of fresh cut hay knowin that you are the back bone of America
    Shoan Coffee's photo.
  12. Jarrett H. – The night shift

    Jarrett Hacker's photo.
  13. Matt C. – The sense of real accomplishment.
    Matt Caldwell's photo.
  14. Kyles M. –

    Kyles McDuffie's photo.

  15. Ryan C. – 
    Ryan Coomes's photo.

  16. Kyles M. –
    Kyles McDuffie's photo.
  17. Clint W. – The Farm..
    Clint Winters's photo.

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Hot Topics in Ag


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U.S. cattle and beef prices have moved into record territory since mid-2013, primarily due to drought impacts on U.S. cattle inventories.

In addition to the widespread U.S. drought in 2012, drought conditions have affected important U.S. cattle raising regions, particularly in the Plains and Southwest, since 2010.

The dry weather degraded pasture conditions and forage supplies, leading cow-calf operators to liquidate herds. Continue Reading


National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Chip Bowling took advantage of one of the nation’s largest farm shows to talk about the important actions that must be taken by the federal government to shore up markets for the record 15.2 billion bushel corn crop anticipated in 2014.

“Farmers like to grow good crops. We remember the years we struggled, as many of us did just back in 2012 with the drought. We also like to sell our crops at a good price so we can leave our farms to future generations in better shape,” said Bowling at the Farm Progress Show currently underway in Boone, Iowa. “As thrilled as we are with a record crop, we know it has its challenges, but there are a few simple actions Washington Continue reading “Hot Topics in Ag”

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