Preparing for Plant18 is truly a Family Affair

Next to your wife, your kids, your animals and maybe even your truck, your new piece of equipment is probably the most important thing in your life…especially this time of the year. Even though you think you’ve done all the research to find that PERFECT addition to the farm and you know you’re going to make this year the most profitable, you know you really … Continue reading Preparing for Plant18 is truly a Family Affair is Now Offering Advertisers Video Capability, the largest farm equipment database in the world, is now offering a new feature to its advertisers: videos designed to showcase their farm equipment. The videos allow the farmer to see multiple views of equipment and hear a description at the same time. This feature makes it easier for those searching for equipment to make a buying decision. “In the past few months, we … Continue reading is Now Offering Advertisers Video Capability

Hot Topics in Ag

New Bill Aims to Limit Tractor Tests: Today, tractor manufacturers are required to have all tractors above 40 hp sold in the state of Nebraska tested to verify advertised power ratings… Read More AGCO Schedules Media Event to Announce Manufacturing Expansion: Today, AGCO Corp. announced that it will hold a press conference on Thursday, January 27 to detail its plans to expand its manufacturing facility … Continue reading Hot Topics in Ag

World Ag Expo Launches New App

For the first time in 44 years, World Ag Expo is going mobile. Available for both the iPhone and all phones with the Android Market, World Ag Expo’s Application gives its users access to everything the expo has to offer. “World Ag Expo 2011 is themed Tools for Agri-Business, and our new app is just that — a tool for success at the expo,” said … Continue reading World Ag Expo Launches New App

Hot Topics in Ag

Farmers launch #foodthanks social media campaign this Thanksgiving: With harvest in the rear-view mirror, forward-looking farmers and others in agriculture have been busy cultivating a new social media campaign to help Americans publicly express their gratitude for their food this holiday season. Launched in time for Thanksgiving, provides simple steps that people can take to show their #foodthanks… Read More Deere Expands its Line of Frontier … Continue reading Hot Topics in Ag