Fastline Farm Friends with Four Legs

  It’s the season to be thankful for our family, friends and everything we have been given/earned. Whether that special “Thanks” goes to someone who has two legs or four, we appreciate them all the same. Sometimes they can be described as your “best friend”, “second child”, “farm help” or “little buddy”, these four-legged blessings are ones who need more credit of keeping the farm … Continue reading Fastline Farm Friends with Four Legs

8 Things That Have a Different Meaning for Farmers


Farming is a way of life with many similarities and differences to those who don’t farm. Check out our 8 things that have a different meaning to Farmers!

1. Holidays- Holidays carry a different meaning for Farmers. Just because it’s Christmas morning, the livestock still needs to be taken care of. Driving home from Easter service? There will be stopping to check on the crops or check on the cattle. The chores don’t stop just because it’s a special day.

2. Weather – Weather is not just sunshine or rain for Farmers; it’s the difference between a great crop, a good one or a total loss. Weather affects and determines so much for Farmers. During the polar weather much of the country experience this past winter, Farmers don’t have the luxury of staying inside where it’s warm  – they have a livelihood to maintain.

3. Weekends – The saying goes “same stuff, different day,” and that’s what it’s like for Farmers. Sure time will be made for Church but not much else changes – chores need to be done, especially if harvest or plant is going on.

4. Meals – Most meals revolve around a table and occur at the same time. Not for Farmers. Their meals vary daily and their table – well a lot of time its a tailgate of a truck or the cab of a tractor because they’ve got work to do!

5. Seasons – Sure there is winter, spring summer and fall – but the most important ones are Plant and Harvest. Though they come at different times for different things, those are the seasons that Farmers operate around. Continue reading “8 Things That Have a Different Meaning for Farmers”

Hot Topics in Ag

htotopicsinagWhat are the latest things buzzing around the Ag industry? From studies to the newest products, we’ve got the updates you need to stay in the loop!

Fastline Study: 25% of 1000+ acre Farmers Use Social Media During Operations

  • Fastline Publications has released their survey of large acreage Farmers about their mobile device usage. The study found that 25 percent of use social media during their operations. Additionally, the top two uses of a smartphone while operating agriculture equipment are “talking on the phone” (74.62%) and “weather” (73.08%). To see the full results, download the full report here:


Harvest Wrapping Up – 84% of corn, 91% of Beans Harvested

  • According to Brownfield Ag news, the finish line is in sight for our Farmers. 84 percent of corn is harvested this year, compared to 97 percent at this time last year. 91 percent of soybeans have been harvested, compared to 95 percent last year. Winter wheat is also on good track, with Continue reading “Hot Topics in Ag”

Fastline Study: 25% of Large Acre Farmers Using Social Media During Operations

A recent mobile device survey of a select group of Fastline’s email database of over 177,000 Farmers found that almost 25 percent of 1000+ acre farmers are using while on farm equipment. Additionally, the study found that 48.8 percent are conducting equipment research while using equipment. The top two uses of a smart phone by the surveyed audience were talking on the phone(74.62%) and … Continue reading Fastline Study: 25% of Large Acre Farmers Using Social Media During Operations

Fastline Breaks 20,000 “Like” Mark on Facebook

Thanks to al our loyal readers, fans, and followers, we recently broke the 20,000 like mark on Facebook. We appreciate all of those who follow us on all of our social networks. Thanks for sharing part of your day and part of your lives with us. Feel free to comment or submit photos and/or videos on our page. We want to hear from you all … Continue reading Fastline Breaks 20,000 “Like” Mark on Facebook