Show Us How You #FastlineIt

Introdcuding (1)Are you ready to show us how you #FastlineIt? It’s time to kick off our Show us how you #FastlineIt contest with the grand prize of a Yeti cooler! That’s right send us your best pictures of you and your Fastline or the equipment you find in it and you could have your very own Yeti! Read below for how to enter and the themes of each week of the contest!

How to Enter:

Entering is easy as can be – just follow the weekly prompts of the pictures we want to see and upload them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag Fastline (Facebook – @Fastine, Twitter – @Fastline, Instagram – @FastlineFarm) and use #FastlineIt to qualify. Prizes will be drawn weekly. All entries from each week will be entered to win the grand prize of a Yeti Cooler!

Week One – Fastline in the Fields

The first week of this contest we want you to send in your best shots of you out in the fields with your Fastine! Whether it’s on your phone, iPad or the catalog – show us your best shot. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag Fastline and use #FastlineIt to qualify.

Week Two – Fastline Your Way

Show us your favorite way to Fastline! If there’s nothing like the paper, show us your shot with your Fastline. If you like checking out then show us that.  Continue reading “Show Us How You #FastlineIt”

7 Daily Problems That Can Be Solved With Farmers


With a new year comes the normal resolutions – smile more, lose weight, stress less. We’ve got a way to help with those day-to-day desires! Farming can do more than just provide food and clothing for the world’s population – it can help solve some of the daily problems. See what we mean below!

Stress: Looking to relieve a little stress? Spend a day with a farmer. From a long combine ride, milking cows or even just working the land – farmers have some of the best ways to deal with the stress of daily life not to mention the best office view to do it from.

Boredom: There is never a dull moment on the farm – even in the off months between harvest and plant. Livestock needs tending daily, cows need milking and equipment needs maintenance. If you’re looking to do more, I’m sure a Farmer can show you the ropes.

Time Management: Are you trying to establish a better routine or wake up earlier than you have been in this new year? Add the Farm routine to your day. The cows won’t wait to be fed or milked, and every second counts when working on plant and harvest, so it’s an early Continue reading “7 Daily Problems That Can Be Solved With Farmers”

5 Things to Consider When Buying or Leasing Farm Equipment

5thingsto consider

Investing in farm equipment is one of the most expensive yet most critical aspects to any farming operation. Looking at your options and evaluating your needs are good starting points to your equipment purchase. Previously, we have talked about the difference in buying and leasing farm equipment, as well as how to decide to between buying new or used equipment. Now we’re helping you decide which is best by talking about 5 things you should consider!

1. Determine Budget

  • With the way the grain market has been and with Mother Nature being her crazy self, the belts have tightened on a lot of farms. If money is incredibly tight – leasing may be the better option as payments will typically be smaller. At the end of the lease, in many cases you can opt to buy it if the financials have improved.

2.  What do you plan on using the equipment for?

  • Having equipment in the shed that isn’t earning money and that you are paying on is not ideal. For equipment that you will use frequently or year-round, buying is typically the better option. If you only need this piece for small jobs and very rarely, look into leasing or renting.

3. Compare Financing Plans

  • Buying and leasing farm equipment carry many different financial variables that should be evaluated. Below is the analysis of buying or leasing a tractor.

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Ten Things Every Farmer Wants For Christmas


Christmas time is quickly approaching and as kids all around make their lists, Farmers are too! Looking for some inspiration of what to buy your farmer or trying to get ideas for yourself, the Ten things every farmers wants for Christmas is a great place to start.

More Horsepower

Everyone dreams of having the real deal – even if it’s not so practical. So whether it’s a 200 horsepower tractor you’re seeking or a 500 HP one, see many options here.








New Colors

Looking to add a little variety to your fleet this Christmas? It never hurts to mix some orange with that red or some blue with your green! See all of your options here.





Some New Technology

There’s nothing quite like some field GPS to help plan your fields more efficiently or for yield mapping. Whether you just want a little technology boost or you want all the automation you can handle, there’s something for everybody here.








An Antique to play with

Restoring antique farm equipment has quickly become a favorite past time of many farmers. If you’re looking for a new project or you’ve been wanting to add to your collection, there’s plenty to choose from here.








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