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Wheelman Pro

Wheelman keeps your equipment on path within a 4-6" steering tolerance so you make fewer passes, and reduce input costs. Wheelman Pro works with new and old equipment by replacing your existing steering wheel with an autosteering smart wheel.
With a simple DIY installation you can stay home and install yourself without wasting days at the shop. Each Wheelman Pro comes with a high-grip smart wheel and tractor-specific installation kit for quick and easy installation. After a 2-step calibration your Wheelman Pro will automatically keep you on path while the Whirl Autosteering App helps you monitor progress and easily pick up right where you left off.
By allowing Wheelman to focus on your farm you’ll save on input costs and most importantly, time.
  • Farm more efficiently — reduce overlap and passes with a 4-6" steering tolerance.
  • Spend less time on your tractor — farm a more precise path and track your progress efficiently.
  • Wheelman pays for itself — spend on less on production costs per bushel, ton or acre, through reduced input and fuel costs!*
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Wheelman Flex

Wheelman keeps your equipment on path within 4-6" so you make fewer passes, and reduce input costs. Wheelman Flex is portable and lets you switch easily between equipment. So now with one device, you can till, spray, plant, or harvest.
Wheelman Flex was designed to make each season hassle-free and efficient by reducing your input costs and labor hours. It will keep track of your progress on each piece of equipment with the Whirl Autosteering App, which knows where you left off so you can farm more efficiently.
To move Wheelman Flex from one machine to the other, simply remove it from your steering wheel and use the universal DIY fit kit to install it on your next machine. Then, follow the 2-step recalibration and you’re done! In less than an hour your Wheelman Flex is in the field and ready to use.
  • Simple installation — no special tools, dealer fees, subscriptions, or trips to the shop. Take it from one tractor to the next in less than one hour.
  • Spend less time farming — know where you left off, reduce overlap, and follow a precise path with a 4-6” steering tolerance.
  • Flexible autosteering for any farm — Easily switch between your equipment. So now with one device you can till spray, plant, or harvest. Plus, no subscription fees!
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Get Wheelman Today – 10% Down, No Payments until November
*Source: 2010 USDA/Economic Research Service/National Agricultural Statistics Service Agricultural Resource Management Survey [ARMS] of corn producers.