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2020 Blackjack

$49.95 USD

Additional Info: Own the tire repair tools that professional mechanics use! These tire repair kits were formerly only available through Snap On tools. Two kit sizes available. Great for home mechanics, landscapers, do-it-yourselfers, construction companies or anyone who has a problem with car or truck tires going flat or punctured by nails. The Black Jack tire repair kit includes chrome tools, the actual repair plugs which is made up from 12 strands of high-tensile fiber. Each strand of fiber is impregnated with a live rubber compound which makes it extremely strong and matches the color of the tire when it is complete. Black Jack conforms to the shape of the injury, unlike hard-cured repairs that force the injury to conform to the shape of the plug. Because Black Jack conforms to the size and shape of the puncture. Eliminating stress to the belts and preserves the tire body while completely sealing out moisture and dirt. Easy to follow instructions are included with each kit. The larger kit has 40 repairs, the smaller kit has 20. Comes complete with everything you need to fix a tire plus a handy carrying case. The tools are heavy-duty professional tire repair tools.

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925.3 miles away