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 20 Rock Pickers foundShowing 1 - 201  

Rock Pickers

Whether you prefer a Degelman or a Schuette, the names you trust in a quality used rock picker are here on When you're cleaning up your fields at the end of the season or getting ready for a new growing season, the used rock pickers you'll find here will help you get your work done efficiently. When you're searching for a used rock picker, one of the most important considerations is the device's stone-digging capacity. How does it perform when working to lift partly submerged rock and oversized stone? Check out the clearance distance between the paddle assembly and the grill. Some rock pickers have a clearance distance of close to 28 inches. If you plan to clear bush and pasture land, you'll want a rock picker that deposits debris into tidy windrows. Be sure you also consider the strength of the grill teeth. Look for a strong steel construction, with a wide sweep and curve design to separate heavier rocks from smaller stones. Operators who work in soft, wet conditions need to be mindful of the tires on their rock pickers. To minimize tracking and heavy rutting in the fields, consider tire weight and diameter. Ideally, tires with large diameters can help distribute the weight of the rocks in the hopper. Think about the contact points and crush points. Be sure key areas are reinforced to handle the spots subject to heavy pounding of rocks, especially the back of the hopper and the grill side plates. With these points in mind, you'll be able to make a more informed purchase when you're looking for a used rock picker for sale. With Fastline as your source for equipment from sellers across the country, you can find the right type of rock picker that will perform on your property year after year.
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