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2014 Gaspardo FBR175
Price :
$3,200.00 USD
WILLIAMSBURG, MI 49690 | See Map
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 12 Sickle Mowers foundShowing 1 - 121  
Whether you're cutting grass or hay, a sickle mower offers scissorlike precision cutting of the forages on your property. Fastline provides access to a variety of sellers with new and used sickle mowers for sale. Whether you're interested in brands such as New Holland or Rowse, Case or Sitrex, each listing includes the details and photos you need to compare offerings. Plus, you can easily email a seller if you have questions or comments about a product. Sickle mowers run on about 540 rpm PTO, with cutting widths of approximately 7 to 9 feet. While property owners throughout the country use these cutting implements, sickle bar mowers are particularly popular among Midwest agriculturists living in areas where crops are windblown. Sickle mowers work best when operated at speeds under 6 mph, so you'll need to take your time in the fields when using them. Compared to other types of mowers, such as disc mowers, sickle bar mowers might need more repair over their lifetime. Fortunately, these repairs typically cost less than those of other mowers. Whether you plan to buy or sell a used sickle bar mower, think carefully about how you care for that piece of equipment. Check the cutter bar teeth and edge ledger plates for wear, and replace them when necessary. Mowing guards are also a necessity when you're using any type of mower. Check guards for damage and replace them annually, ideally before a new growing season begins. Also inspect breakaway latches, bolts, and other pieces of hardware to make sure these items are secure before you take the mower to the fields. So if you're in the market for a used sickle mower, check out the offerings provided by the sellers who list their equipment for sale here on Fastline, the largest searchable database for agricultural equipment online.
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