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Komatsu AUX HYD VALVE-GD 655  Valve
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$1,500.00 USD
SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104 | See Map
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Irrigation Systems

You might not be able to control the weather, but you can control the type of irrigation system you use on your land. Whether you are cultivating one acre or 100, effective irrigation is essential to your crops' health and vitality. With Fastline, you can find a used irrigation system to fit almost any size agricultural operation within your budget. From produce to food plots, cash crops to hobby farms, understanding the type of irrigation system you need will help you choose the proper type for your growing conditions. Consider the following factors when you're making your selection: crop type, investment cost, labor needs, field size and shape, and water source. Some of the most common types of irrigation systems include spray irrigation and drip irrigation. Spray irrigation systems are most common on large farms. A long tube connects to a water source. The water flows through the tube, and spray guns direct the water over the crop. Center-pivot systems are some of the most common types of spray irrigation systems. These systems feature large metal frames on wheels. The frames hold the water tube. Spray guns attached to the end of the water tube propel the water out, while motors rotate the frames in a circle around the field. Drip irrigation directs water through perforated plastic tubing placed along crop rows or buried beneath the soil line. This method is most commonly used for irrigating fruits and vegetables. When searching for used irrigation systems for sale, you'll want to make sure the tubes or hoses are in good condition. Be certain connection points will work with the type of water source you have on your property. With Fastline, finding the proper used irrigation system you need is literally only a few clicks away. Don't wait until your crop is on the line before you press an irrigation system into service.
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