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2019 KAGE SA150

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Additional Info: 2019 KAGE LIQUID RAGE (INTI-ICE) DEICING SPRAY ATTACHMENT - 150 GALLON SPRAY TANK - UNIVERSAL "SKID STEER PLATE" FOR SKID STEERS & TRACTORS - WEIGHT EMPTY/ FULL 417/2067 Lbs. Brine used for anti-icing in the pretreatment process is becoming all the RAGE! Municipalities have tested the process of applying brine to roadways and critical areas before the storm for years, and have adopted this technique across the country. One thing is certain – if you can prevent the bonding of the ice and snow to the pavement, you will have a cleaner surface after you plow. This is where the Liquid Rage can give you the advantage over the competition. Use your existing skid steer or tractor to apply your brine to the critical areas of your sites before, during, or after the storm! Top Ten reasons to use Liquid anti-icing: 1. Liquid products are better for turf, soil and ground water 2. Liquids do not bounce off your target coverage area 3. Liquid anti-ice applications do not ‘plow off’ 4. Liquids almost eliminate tracking into buildings and reduce corrosion and build up 5. Liquid anti-icing applications prevent ice bonding to the pavement 6. Liquids are easier to pump than dry salt is to scoop 7. Liquid blended products include corrosion inhibitors which lengthens equipment life 8. It takes 10x more resources to post de-ice than liquid pre anti-ice 9. Dry salt stops working at 10-15 degrees F 10. It takes 20 minutes for dry salt to start working at 25 degrees F WE STOCK THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED TO INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, GIVE ONE OF OUR SPECIALISTS A CALL TODAY!! Tri-State Bobcat has THREE full-service locations - Burnsville MN - Little Canada MN - Hudson WI Bobcat, Avant, Wacker, Toro, Bandit, Fecon, Virnig, Stihl, Teupen, Apex, Green Climber, & Kage SALES - RENTAL - SERVICE – PARTS

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