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Additional Info: Radiator-Genie Air and Water Wand 574-RG1002 >Radiator-Genie Air and Water Wand 574-RG1002 Central IL Ag >This Radiator Genie brand all-purpose air and water wand is perfect for home or commercial use! The heart of any engine is the cooling system, and when working in dusty and dry conditions, the radiator will plug up with debris. When this happens, it needs to be cleaned at least once a day, and possibly up to five times daily depending on the working conditions. The >Radiator Genie is the only tool for the job! Featuring innovative design and tubing designed to reach into tight spaces, the specially designed fan head is created to increase pressure to cover a wide working area. The bend on the end of the pipe is meant to fit into your engine's cowl, between the fan blades, and designed to be at the correct angle to blow directly through the radiator coils so as to exert maximum pressure to the back side of the radiator. With adjustable pressure on either side, you can choose to BLOW or WASH away the debris to make your radiator clean as new! Good for ATV's, pickup trucks, construction equipment, farm equipment, refrigerator units, and more, you are sure to find what you are looking for in this Radiator Genie. Maximum pressure is 135 PSI. Central Illinois Ag