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$22,995.00 USD

Additional Info: 2017 HitchDoc HDD7 7' Box Blade HitchDoc has been manufacturing the Dual Dozer for over 20 years and it’s proven itself a reliable skid steer attachment for finish grading. Whether being used in buildings or arenas, sports fields or courts, trails or sidewalks, parking lots or golf courses, it’s not uncommon for this attachment quickly return the initial investment! Pair the Dual Dozer with lasers, slope/sonic tracers, 3D or GPS mapping from with Trimble, TopCon or Leica and let the automatic grader do the work! Features may include: Rear Positioned Casters – Get into corners or against structures and around pillars with the compact design. Wheel then travel over an already graded surface for added stability. Dual-Sided Cutting Edge – Dual cutting edges on this attachment allowing for precise material placement while traveling in either forward or reverse Highly Maneuverable – Blade attachment can self-articulate up to 8 inches independently of the machine on either side User-Friendly Controls – In-cab monitors and fingertip switches allow for easy operation in auto or manual by the operator Hydraulically Controlled – Connectors, cylinders, hoses, valves and solenoids are standard equipment, just plug in the selected electronics and get to work Overbuilt to Outlast – HitchDoc has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rugged finish graders and inspecting them against the industry’s highest quality standards

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