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Goodyear 520/85R38
Goodyear 520/85R38

Goodyear 520/85R38

This listing is provided for historical purposes and may no longer be available. Please contact seller for availability.

$1,500.00 USD

NTS Tire Supply
520/85R38 Goodyear UltraTorque Radial R-1 80% tread, Dolly Dual Mounted on John Deere 10 on 13.187 '' Bolt Circle; 11.060 '' Pilot Hole; 0.0 '' Bolt Hole Many more sizes and brands available! Visit our online store or Call 507-453-5950 for complete inventory.
Price $1,500.00 USD
Year 0
Make Goodyear
Model 520/85R38
Stock # T005307
Serial # $1500/EA
Fits to Category Chemical Applicators - Sprayers - Self Propelled, Harvesters - Combines, Tractors - 100 HP to 174 HP
Fits to Manufacturer CASE IH,JOHN DEERE,MILLER
Fits to Model 1055,1055A,1056XL,1056XLA,1255XL,1255XLA,1455XL,1455XLA,1896,2096,2294,3394,4240,5140,5150,5240,5250,7110,7120,7130,7140,7210,7220,7230,8100,8910,8920,9660 STS,9770 STS,CS100,CS105 PRO,CS110,CS120,CS130,CS150,CVX1135,CVX1145,CVX1155,CVX1170,CVX120,CVX130,CVX140,CVX150,CVX160,CVX170,CX100,FARMALL 105C,FARMALL 105N,FARMALL 105U,FARMALL 110A,FARMALL 110U,FARMALL 115C,FARMALL 115U,FARMALL 120A,FARMALL 125A,FARMALL 140A,JXU105,JXU115,MAXXUM 100,MAXXUM 110,MAXXUM 110 LIMITED,MAXXUM 110 PRO,MAXXUM 115,MAXXUM 115 LIMITED,MAXXUM 120,MAXXUM 120 PRO,MAXXUM 125,MAXXUM 125 LIMITED,MAXXUM 125 PRO,MAXXUM 130,MAXXUM 130 PRO,MAXXUM 135,MAXXUM 140,MAXXUM 140 LIMITED,MAXXUM 140 PRO,MAXXUM 150,MAXXUM 165,MAXXUM EP 110,MAXXUM EP 115,MAXXUM EP 120,MAXXUM EP 125,MAXXUM EP 130,MAXXUM EP 140,MX100,MX100C,MX110,MX120,MX130,MX135,MX150,MX170,MX190,MX210,MXM120,MXM130,MXM130 PRO,MXM155,MXM155 PRO,MXM175,MXM180,MXM190,MXU100,MXU100 LIMITED,MXU110,MXU115,MXU115 LIMITED,MXU125,MXU125 LIMITED,MXU130,MXU135,MXU135 LIMITED,NITRO 4315,PATRIOT
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NTS Tire Supply


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