2018 Thor Mfg. 23TB | $74,995.00

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Pictures Coming Soon... 2018 Thor Compass 23TB, slps 3, sld 1, 24 ft.

WOW! Look at this beautiful unit! You can travel anywhere you want in this 2018 Thor Compass. When entering this unit, you will find the open living, dining, and kitchen area. Above the entry, you will find a 32” LED TV. Starting in the kitchen, you will find a single basin sink, microwave, and refrigerator all positioned along one side of the unit. Across from the kitchen area, you will find a closet/pantry that will fit all of your linens or favorite snacks. Moving along, you will find a 64” sofa bed to relax after a long day at. The sofa also acts as the seating for the dining table. Gather around the removeable pedestal table and play your favorite card game with your family. Moving towards the back of the unit, you will find a spacious bathroom which features a sink basin sink, foot flush toilet, and a large 24” X 32” shower. Moving out of the bathroom, and into the Queen Master, you will find a flip-up queen bed with cushioned seating below. You will be able to relax at the end of a long day with your favorite tv show or movie on the 32” LED TV that is positioned on the wall in the bedroom. There is no time like now to hit the road in your new 2018 Thor Compass 23TB.

Contact Kristi Billmeyer today to schedule your personal tour! She can be reached by phone at 563-252-1611, or by email at

Thor Compass Features

Construction and Exterior

Ford Transit Chassis 3.2L 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel 185HP & 350LB-FT Torque Trailer Hitch (5,000 lb Tow/500 lb Tongue) Welded Tubular Steel Floor Welded Tubular Aluminum Roof and Sidewall Cage Construction Vacu-Bond Laminated Roof, Walls, and Floors w/ block foam insulation Partial-Paint on HD-MAX Exterior with Graphics Package One-piece Fiberglass front cap w/ built in skylight, w/ exterior courtesy light over each cab door Fiberglass Wing Walls Fiberglass Rear Cap-Up
Thor Mfg.
Black Water Capacity
19.5 gal
Fresh Water Capacity
31 gal
Gray Water Capacity
37 gal
Length Feet
No. of Slide-Outs
Serial Number
Sleeping Capacity
Stock Number

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