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Seat Assembly - Air Suspension Tufftex Fabric Brown John Deere 8000-8010 Series Tractors Case IH MX135 MX215 MX230 MX255 MX285 MX200 MX180 MX120 MX210 MX245 MX220 New Holland McCormick Ford
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$1,299.00 USD
All of our new parts are aftermarket replacements. The use of original manufacturer's names and part numbers is for reference purposes only Fits Case IH Tractor(s) Magnum 180, Magnum 190, Magnum 210, Magnum 215, Magnum 225, Magnum 235, Magnum 245, Magnum 250, Magnum 260, Magnum 275, Magnum 290, Magnum 305, Magnum 315, Magnum 335, Magnum 340, Maxxum 120, MX100C, MX120, MX135, MX150, MX180, MX200, MX210, MX215, MX220, MX230, MX240, MX245, MX255, MX270, MX285, MX305, MXM120, MXM130, MXM140, MXM155, MXM175, MXM190, Puma 130, Puma 165, Puma 170, Puma 180, Puma 185, Puma 195, Puma 200, Puma 225, Puma 230, Steiger 330, Steiger 330 (HD), Steiger 335, Steiger 335 (HD), Steiger 350, Steiger 380, Steiger 385, Steiger 385 (HD), Steiger 400, Steiger 430, Steiger 430 (HD), Steiger 435, Steiger 435 (HD), Steiger 435 (Quad), Steiger 450, Steiger 450 (Quad), Steiger 480, Steiger 480 (HD), Steiger 480 (Quad), Steiger 485, Steiger 485 (HD), Steiger 500, Steiger 500 (Quad), Steiger 535, Steiger 535 (HD), Steiger 535 (Quad), Steiger 550, Steiger 550 (Quad), Steiger 600, Steiger 600 (Quad), STX275, STX280, STX325, STX375, STX375 (HD), STX375 (Quad), STX380, STX380 (Quad), STX425, STX425 (HD), STX425 (Quad), STX430, STX430 (HD), STX430 (Quad), STX440, STX440 (Quad), STX450, STX450 (HD), STX450 (Quad), STX480, STX480 (HD), STX480 (Quad), STX500, STX500 (HD), STX500 (Quad), STX530 (HD), STX530 (Quad) Fits Ford Tractor(s) 8160, 8260, 8360, 8560, 8670, 8770, 8870, 8970, 9680 Fits McCormick Tractor(s) CX75, CX85, CX90, CX95, CX105, MC90, MC100, MC105, MC115, MC120, MC135, MTX110, MTX120, MTX125, MTX135, MTX140, MTX150, MTX165, MTX175, MTX185, MTX200 Fits New Holland Tractor(s) G210, T8010, T8020, T8030, T8050, T9020, T9030, T9040, T9050, T9060, T7.210, T7.235, T7.250, T7.260, T7.270, T8.275, T8.300, T8.330, T8.360, T8.390, T9.390, T9.450, T9.505, T9.560, T9.615, TG210, TG215, TG230, TG245, TG255, TG275, TG285, TG305, TJ325, TJ330, TJ375, TJ380, TJ425, TJ450, TJ480, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM155, TM165, TM175, TM190 KM 1000 Uni Pro seat and suspension is ideal in applications where a superior ride is needed The variable shock air suspension has a self-contained 12-volt compressor and provides a smoother, more comfortable ride Durable Brown Tufftex fabric covering Reclining backrest Adjustable lumbar support Fore and aft isolator which can be disabled Height and weight adjustment Padded tilt-up armrests with angle adjustment Adjustable slide rails with 5" of travel Side-to-side lateral isolator Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust Suspension footprint is 9.4" wide x 9.2" deep with 8mm attaching bolts Please Note: Drilling may be required In McCormick applications, this seat only fits if the tractor has a cab and the original seat was a RED Sears seat Additional Handling & Oversize Fees Apply To This Item All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty All States Ag Parts Item No. 155549 Sales Tax We are required by law to charge sales in IA, NE, MO, MN, SD and WI because we have physical locations in each of these states. While most farm use items and items for resale are tax exempt in these states we MUST have a tax exemption certificate on file prior to completing your tax exempt purchase. Please contact us at 866-609-1260 and we can send the proper form to you via fax or email. Once you have completed the sales tax form and returned it to our offices (fax to 515-834-2196 or email to
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