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2019 Moritz 16+4 Gravity Tilt

$8,250.00 USD

Length: 20

Width: 82

Suspension: Torsion

Additional Info: New 2019 ELBH GT-20 BH Equipment Trailer<br>16' Long Gravity Tilt Deck<br>4' Long Stationary Deck<br>22-1/2" to 23-1/2" Deck Height<br>13 Degrees Deck Loading Angle<br>81-1/2" Between Fenders<br>8" Cold Formed I-Beam Frame<br>4"x14" Formed Bar Stake Pockets<br>Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box<br>1/8" Steel Diamond Plate Fenders<br>Rubber Ride (Low Maintenance) Suspension<br>Electric (All Wheels) Brakes<br>17.5" 16-Ply Rated 8-Bolt Tire & Wheels<br>12K Jack<br>2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler<br>3/8" wth Latch Hook Safety Chains<br>LED lights & Sealed Wire Harness<br>One Piece Cold Formed 8" I-Beam<br>3" Channel on 16" Centers<br>4"x7"x3/8" Angle Tilt Deck<br>2-Year Limited Warranty
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