Engine Rebuild Kit, New, John Deere - $1,903.00

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Engine Rebuild Kit, New, John Deere - $1,903.00 Details

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Engine Rebuild Kit, New, John Deere
Engine Parts
Stock Number
  • Fits John Deere Tractor(s) 4440, 4640, 4840, 8430, 8440
  • Fits John Deere Industrial(s) 644C (engine s/n 235959-earlier), 646C (engine s/n 235959-earlier), 740A (engine s/n 233699-earlier), 743 (engine s/n 233699-earlier), 743A (engine s/n 233699-earlier), 762A (engine s/n 239485-earlier)
  • Engine 466T Diesel
  • Contains High Compression Easy Start Cylinder Kits, Rod Bearings, Main Bearing Set, Full Gasket Set with Crank Seals, Rod Bolts, Pin Bushings, Cam Bearings, Cam Plug
  • High Compression Easy Start pistons are produced from an aluminum hypereutctic alloy. This allows the pistons to: Retain a higher percentage of strength and hardness during normal operations, Have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, Have a higher resistance to wear, Have a higher tensile strength. The combustion bowls in these pistons are engineered to create higher compression. These pistons raise the static compression of an engine approximately 1-1.5 points. They ignite a larger ratio of fuel / air per stroke, which wastes less raw fuel.This translates into: Improved cold weather starting, Increased horsepower, Extended engine life
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty

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