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John Deere 300
Price :
$6,900.00 USD
Wilson Farms
BELLVILLE, OH 44813 | See Map
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 84 Corn Pickers foundShowing 1 - 841  

Corn Pickers

Generations of agriculturists have most likely heard about or seen a corn picker in operation. From the New Idea models of the 1940s and 1950s to more late 20th-century versions, you can find a corn picker for sale in the model suited for your acreage or farm on Fastline. For those unfamiliar with how these devices operate, here's a general overview: A corn picker removes corn from stationary cornstalks and shucks the husks from the corn before depositing the ears of corn into a collection container. In 1909, the first mechanical corn picker came to market, and by the 1920s, both one- and two-row corn pickers controlled by tractors were available. In 1946, Massey-Harris introduced the first self-propelled corn picker. Eventually, corn head attachments for combines changed the landscape for corn harvesting, greatly increasing the amount of corn that could be harvested. While corn pickers are not ideal for large acres of corn you need to harvest, small acreage and garden owners may find a used corn picker to be suitable for their corn harvesting needs. When looking for a used corn picker for sale, you'll want to consider not only the age of the picker itself, but also its overall condition. Check the shields and snouts for bends or damages. Also be sure the rollers that pull the cornstalks down and through the machine are not pitted or damaged. Finally, assess the corn picker's overall condition: Do you notice excessive rusting or wear on any of the parts? A corn picker that shows signs of neglect may end up costing you more money in the future to repair. Whether you're partial to a specific model or not, look to Fastline to help you find a used corn picker for sale to meet your corn harvesting needs.
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