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Hydraulic Coupler, Break-Away
$89.00 USD
Hydraulic Coupler, Break-Away
  • Fits Kubota Tractors M95SDS, M95SDTC, M95SH, M96S, M100XDTC, M105SDTC, M108S, M108X, M108XDTC, M110XDTC, M126XDTC, M135XDTC, M4900, M4900DT, M4900DTC, M5040DT, M5040DTC, M5040F, M5040FC, M5040HD, M5040HDC, M5640SU, M5640SUD, M5700HD, M5700HDC, M6040DT, M6040DTC, M6040F, M6040FC, M6040HD, M6040HDNB, M6800, M6800DT, M6800HD, M6800HDC, M6800S, M6800SC, M6800SDT, M6800SDTC, M7040DT, M7040DTC, M7040F, M7040FC, M7040HD, M7040HDNB, M7040SU, M8200DTN, M8200HDC, M8200SDTN, M8200SDTNC, M8540DTC, M8540FC, M8540HD, M8540HDNB, M9000C, M9000DT, M9000DTC, M9000DTL, M9000DTM, M9000DTMC, M9000HDC, M9540DT, M9540DTC, M9540F
  • Body Size 1/2"
  • Thread 7/8-14UNF-2B
  • Pressure Rating 3000 PSI
  • Features a patented design that permits connection while both the coupler and male tip are under pressure
  • Can be mounted directly to a valve or rigid tubing eliminating the need for hose assemblies and break-away clamps
  • This coupler accepts all Pioneer 8010 Series or ISO 5675 male tips
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty
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    Stock Number: 119945Hydraulic Coupler, Break-Away
  • All States Ag Parts
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     1 Kubota M95 foundShowing 1 - 11