Our Vision

To be the respected and recognized leader in agricultural equipment and the employer of choice by helping people (our customers and employees) succeed.

Our Mission

We serve agricultural customers and communities by partnering to meet their needs through the sales and support of farm equipment and technology.

Our Values

We are committed to operating our business according to the following all-win values with our key stakeholder groups (Customers, Employees, Owners, and Communities).

TRUST—Do the right thing for strong, healthy relationships with Customers, Employees, Owners and Others

Key Actions

  1. Seek all-win solutions
  2. Be Honest
  3. Deliver on agreements
  4. Be fair with all

QUALITY—A respected reputation for meeting or exceeding expectations with Customers, Employees, Owners and Others

Key Actions

  1. Be accountable to yourself and others
  2. Be adaptable to continuously improve performance
  3. Take pride in all that needs to be done and doing it well
  4. Take responsibility for solving problems
  5. Take the initiative and complete tasks in a timely manner

TEAMWORK—Working together to be more productive and satisfying for Customers, Employees, Owners and Others

Key Actions

  1. Build "we" not "me" relationships and environments
  2. Listen, understand and communicate effectively
  3. Focus on and work toward common goals
  4. Be positive and respectful
  5. Recognize others for extraordinary efforts and contributions

SUCCESS—Seeking to ensure our Customers, Employees, Owners and Others' financial stability and growth

Key Actions

  1. Continuously minimize unneeded cost and waste
  2. Use available resources wisely
  3. Focus on and achieve clear expectations and goals
  4. Take reasonable risk investing in growth and opportunities

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