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Fastline Fast Track
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Ep. 77: Tractor winterization tips, CLAAS expands hay and forage tools, bovine facial recognition, building dairies in Minecraft, stand for the flag with Dustin Collins, the music of Mira Goto
October 23 2020

All States Ag Parts' Terry Burkart talks tractor winterization and CLAAS' John Schofield discusses the new ORBIS headers and DISCO mowers. Dairy Management Inc. uses video games, including Minecraft, to reach Gen-Zers and Kansas State University researchers develop a smartphone app for bovine facial recognition to store herd information in the cloud. Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents” and Dustin Collins releases “Stand For The Flag.” The episode also features the music of Mira Goto.

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Corn Dec $3.9725 +0.0125
Soybeans Nov $10.5725 +0.0550
Soybean Oil Dec $33.4500 +0.3900
Soybean Meal Dec $378.2000 +1.3000
SRW Wheat Dec $6.0400 +0.0025
Oats Dec $2.9975 +0.0050
Denatured Fuel Ethanol Nov $1.5300 +0.0600
Rough Rice Nov $12.4700 0.0000
Mini Corn Dec $3.9763 +0.0088
Mini Soybeans Nov $10.5200 +0.0025
Mini Wheat Dec $6.0500 +0.0125

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