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Terry Hlavinka with Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Jr.
Texas Gov.George W. Bush
with Terry Hlavinka - 1998

Texas Ag Commissioner
Susan Combs with 
Susan and Terry Hlavinka
Hlavinka Equipment Company has been a part of Texas  
since the days of using farm animals to pull the plows.   
But even then, folks knew Hlavinka was the place to go  
for their equipment needs.  

Terry Hlavinka (left), Joe Hlavinka (right) and former 
Dallas Cowboy D.D. Lewis (center),  who played for the Cowboys from 1968 until 1981 holds his 5 Super Bowl rings,
 two of which were Cowboy wins.

Terry Hlavinka (General Manager) 
and Joe Hlavinka (President)

  Things have changed, but so has Hlavinka Equipment Co.
  Please, read on...

The Beginning...

  The Hlavinka and Boettcher families placed the sole bid to purchase
  the Farmers Lumber Company in East Bernard, Texas.
  The bid was accepted and the Boettcher-Hlavinka Co. was formed.

The Decade of Many Adventures...

  The Boettcher-Hlavinka Co. took part in numerous ventures
  to meet the needs of the community.
  Aside from the International Harvester farm equipment
  and lumber portion of the business, other services included
  automobile sales (including those fancy new turn signals & air conditioning),
  and funerals (glad when the communities need for that tapered off).

The Growth of Southern Snow

   Cotton became a major crop and, as a result,
  new methods of harvesting were needed.
  The cotton picker became all the rage and
  sore hands everywhere applauded this new miracle of the machine age.
  The Hlavinka family purchased the Boettcher family shares to make
  Hlavinka Equipment Co. the family business.

Those New to the Scene and Those Bowing Out

  The new two-row cotton pickers were introduced,
  with Hlavinka Equipment right there to bring in the tool of the future.
  Joe Hlavinka, Sr. retired from the company he began,
  eager to watch and smile approvingly as his children took the helm.

The Gains of Technology

  As the technology being manufactured into farm equipment grew,
  so did the costs of that equipment.
  However, most would agree that the added cost was definitely worth
  the quality and durability found in the new era of farm equipment.

Companies in Transition

   The 1970s saw the splitting of the Hlavinka family business
  into two separate entities: the lumber side and the equipment side.
  At the same time, Case and International Harvester were merging,
  creating one of the most recognized names in the implement industry,
  Case IH.

The Decade of Growth & Service

  New stores were opened in Rosenberg, Nome, El Campo, Bay City and 
  Taft, Texas, with the goal of serving their respective communities
  in the same manner Joe Hlavinka, Sr. had envisioned in 1939.

Another Store Purchased

  Hlavinka Company purchases another location to serve their
  customers from Tivoli, Texas in the same manner Joe Hlavinka, Sr.
  had envisioned in 1939.

The Merging of the Past, Present, & and the Future

  The Hlavinka Company, still owned
  and operated by the Hlavinka family,
  enjoys a rich past, full of amusing stories of
  old farm animals traded for new farm equipment,
  lumber trains, and, yes, even caskets stored in the warehouse rafters.
  Much has changed in these many decades,
  but so much has remained the same:
  A family's concern for their community
  A company's dedication to being the best
  An industry's growth and constant improvement
  to meet the needs of the future.

Case Honors Hlavinka Equipment for Sales
In the photo: Steve Hlavinka-Parts Manager, Allan Srubar-Service Manager,
Terry Hlavinka-General Manager, Don Perekovich-Case Business Manager, Joe Hlavinka Jr.-President, Lance Potts-Sales Manager.
    Hlavinka Equipment Co.
     Serving the world's best customers since 1939,
     with no plans of stopping now...

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