Company History

Nyssa Tractor Salvage was founded in 1992 by brothers, Gary and Larry Sparks. Larry contributed modern day farming practices and intense cultivation terminology to the corporation. Gary contributed the wide customer base from the auction business, the knowledge of current market trends and retail customer philosopy. In 1992, Nyssa Tractor Salvage, Inc had one full time employee.

Many things have changed in eight short years. Larry has retired from the retail business. In 1995, Mike Penn came on board and has taken over the managerial responsibility. Mike is very knowledgeable in all aspects of agriculture. However his favorite machinery to work on is the hay tools.

Gary has continued to be aggressive in inventory control by purchasing both salvage units as well as whole goods. In 1999, Gary spent 158 nights on the road so don't be suprised when you call if Gary isn't in, but feel free to leave a message or work with Mike.

Whole goods on hand range from $600,000 to $1,500,000 depending on seasonal changes. You can always count on a good selection of guaranteed, good farm machinery for your farming needs.

Here in the Lower Snake River Valley there are two hundred different crops grown in a fifty mile radius. This justifies the distinct intense cultivation in the valley, thus we handle a large amount of cultivator tools, harvest equipment and tillage tools. So if you have a special need or a question that no one else can answer give us a call. We have many years experience in farm equipment.

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