Nyssa Tractor & Implement was founded in 1990 by Nyssa native, Gary Sparks. Nyssa is nestled along the Snake River in extreme Eastern Oregon, also known as the Treasure Valley. 
Within a fifty mile radius there are two hundred different crops raised, so there is intense cultivation along with a broad range of diversity. This diversity has helped bring knowledge to our sales staff when dealing with a wide variety of farming and implement needs all over this great country. So if you have a question about farm machinery that nobody else can answer, try our sales staff. In 30 years of business, we’ve just about heard it all. “Farm Machinery Spoken Here” 
While Gary has been on the road completing his million miles in the truck and filling up a yard that has five miles of road, Judy has been at home keeping the books, making payroll, and raising two fine boys. Both boys are now employed at Nyssa Tractor. Steven is involved in the sales team and John is a certified mechanic. Both boys have a broad range of knowledge and eager to serve the customers. 
Nyssa Tractor & Implement employs thirteen full time employees. However, we believe the most important part of our team is you, the customer. Helping the customer get back in the field with a clean, inspected, and guaranteed new or used part at a price of a fraction of OEM makes working with Nyssa Tractor a pleasure. 
A frequently asked question is what kind of a name is Nyssa. The story goes like this. When the railroad came through the county the first thing they did was build a set of stock shipping pens. They were constructed by the New York Stock Shipper Association. The first letter in each word spells Nyssa, thus the name of the town. 
After twenty years in business, Nyssa Tractor & Implement is still a place where a man’s word is his bond and his handshake is his seal.

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