Patz Corporation, a family-owned business founded in 1948, currently has second, third, and fourth generation family members active in the business. On January 1, 2004, Darrell Patz, the youngest son of founder Paul and Mamie Patz, succeeded Clifford Patz to become the company’s third president.

Patz continues to thrive in an ever-changing market by listening to the needs of the diverse customer base we serve, from agricultural customers such as small dairies and large corporate farming operations to commercial businesses and contract manufacturing clients. 

Company founder Paul Patz, who passed away in November 2000, started farming very young and daily barn cleaning was his job, plus the feeding and milking of 40 head of dairy. He saw a need for a rugged, efficient piece of equipment that would end the laborious and time-consuming daily chore of cleaning barn gutters. His conception became a reality when he designed his first barn cleaner and installed it himself.

During 1946 and 1947, he worked the design to improve it until the barn cleaner performed to his satisfaction. In 1948, Patz sold his first barn cleaner and was in business. It soon became evident that the Patz Barn Cleaner would be a success, largely because of the unique, one-piece, heavy-duty link that Mr. Patz invented and patented. The link helped make the Patz Barn Cleaner the leader in the industry.

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