Ep 83 Farm Rescue The

Ep. 83: Farm Rescue, The Farm Must Go On Preview Part 2, Keeping kids safe on the farm, the music of Rye Davis

December 04 2020
On this episode, Dan Erdmann, project manager with Farm Rescue and North Dakota farmer Larry Leier discuss the mission of the nonprofit organization and we preview the Dec. 9 benefit concert, presented by John Deere, featuring Dustin Lynch, Maddie and Tae, Mickey Guyton, Tyler Farr and Travis Denning. Scott Heiberger with the National Farm Medicine Center talks about keeping kids safe on the farm during a period of virtual learning and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Rye Davis.   Time stamps Dan Erdmann and Larry Leier, Farm Rescue: 1:21 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 25:16 Scott Heiberger, National Farm Medicine Center: 25:46 Ray Bohacz, Bushels and Cents: 36:44 Rye Davis: 37:54